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In a Southern Colorado mountain valley...'ll find a small mountain village. This is a place 
where hearts are drawn back year after year. This is 
Cuchara, Colorado.

Cuchara is a place where families have come together to 
play and to celebrate for generations. Summers, Christmases, 
birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and homecomings ...
The memories our families have made here are woven 
into the fabric of our village just as the roots of these 
families anchor Cuchara's values and traditions.

The Cuchara Association was formed in 1952 as The Cuchara 
Camps. The goal was simple: create a safe community, and 
everything each of those words implied. 

Since that time, the members of the Cuchara Association have 
assumed management of the Cuchara Recreation Center and 
tennis courts, the extensive Summer Recreation Program, and - 
since the very first day - offered protection for the homes and 
cabins of its members. 

The Cuchara Association is here to keep the traditions in this 
safe and welcoming community alive, for our guests and for 
future generations of Cucharans.

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Work Day 2017!
Rec Hall Workday