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The Cuchara jeepers is a group of local off-road enthusiasts who like to explore the many trails and beautiful sites that Colorado has to offer!  Stay tuned for announcements of trips and excursions - most are suitable for stock Jeeps and other 4 wheel drive vehicles.  The trips may be a day ride to Trinchera or multi-day trips to places like Ouray or Buena Vista.
Check out the link below to find various jeep trails in Colorado and beyond with maps, descriptions, driving directions, ratings and pictures:
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Last Years Events:
2016 Jeepin' in the San Juan Mountains Trip - Last week of July
Info from Gary Carlton - 
Monday and Tuesday nights, that is the 25th and 26th of July, are the primary dates in Ouray.  There are some of us that will want to overnight in Lake City on Sunday night the 24th as well to arrive in Ouray the next day to meet the main group.  Join us if you like.  There are only so many rooms in Lake City so I would book now.  Kathy and I are staying in the North Face Inn (970.944.5200).  The Matterhorn is already booked up.

I have to get other details worked out as we get closer but we will likely break up into two or three groups to keep everyone comfortable.  Some want to go to Telluride over Black Bear Pass, a challenging road, and some want to keep it at a moderate level.  That is the goal.  I will try to arrange a group dinner like last year for the first night in Ouray.
This information will be updated as needed.  Gary can be contacted at
Second Chance Ouray Trip - Aug 8-11
A few folks have a scheduling conflict with the July trip so another trip is being planned for the second week in August.  It will follow a similar itinerary as the July group.  Monday night in Lake city, then 2 nights in Ouray.  More details to follow.

Upcoming Trips

Stay tuned for announcements of 2017 events and trips!!

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